Brendan answers fan questions - December, 2013

Just after Christmas we caught up with BC for his thoughts on his character and some other random things. Thanks to those of you who participated! Here’s what our charming bartender had to say…

On travel and his heritage: “Never been to Ireland but planning on going for my next trip. My father’s side is Irish so I have to go eventually!”

"[My] favorite vacation spot is Spain."

On dialogue: “My favorite line of T’s is from a long time ago when I first started in ‘09. I had a line where I said to Will ‘gotta bounce.’ I thought it was soo cheesy that now I say it all the time on set as a joke & it’s kinda caught on and [I] have other people saying it.”

On his schedule: “You’ll be seeing more of T in 2014. I worked a lot from September - December so they should all start airing soon! Fun stuff too!”

On Tad’s maturation: “I’ve really liked T’s maturation as a character. It’s interesting when you have to make decisions for a character when you don’t believe in his choices, like how T reacted to Will being gay. I have many gay friends & that would not have been my reaction, but I’m glad they gave him a chance to come around. That made me happy. I also love how goofy & fun he is. It’s just fun all around. Now let’s see if they bring more to the table for him!”

On reading: “My favorite book would have to be Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.”

On T’s pranks & improv moments: “Pretty much half are scripted. They understand our characters well…but sometimes when we find something good on rehearsal, we’ll run it by the director for approval and add our own touches.”

On LGBT issues: “My personal view for same sex marriage is equality. We should all be able to marry the one we love. Bottom line.”

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